Aliens and Conspiracies

With age comes the urge to share the knowledge you gathered over the years of your life. But how do you go about doing that? And what would the result be?

Mandela effect

The Mandela Effect may be true, but it might as well just be attributed to our imagination and inaccurate memories.

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Image of the bible

The Bible

Why was the Bible written? What does it have to do with modern medicine? Who’s really in control of your life? Read and find out.

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Past lives and reincarnation. Religion says it’s fact, science says it’s not until we find proof. Is it even possible to find concrete evidence of it?

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Hollow Earth

Hollow Earth. A pretty wild belief, and yet it finds support in some circles. Should you pay attention to it, or dismiss it outright?

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Black Mirror

The black mirror is a tool used mainly in occult practises these days, but it has been around for ages. Must be because they actually work!

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Burn the witch!

Our history is full of things that we can’t imagine happening today. The witch-hunts during the inquisition were one of them.

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Loud bang!  Hot dang!

bright light, and aliens, and portals, and bigfoot! Oh my! Only, it’s never true and always ends with a disappointment if you go deep enough in the subject.

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