Aliens and Conspiracies

Loud bang!  Hot dang!

Bright lights, big bangs!

I was absent-mindedly listening to Mysterious Universe today, not really paying much attention.  They mentioned something along the lines of ‘bright light’ and ‘loud bang’ and I immediately skipped back a few minutes in the show and listened again. I remembered seeing a post on Reddit a few months back about the same kind of event captured on security cameras.  Luckily they were easy enough to find on YouTube.

They definitely had my attention now, I had to know more about this strange phenomenon! In the podcast they mention a figure ‘popping’ out of existence like that.  The white orbs seemed to be portals through which you could see other dimensions, and video camera or quick pictures seemed to capture weird images. A lot of strange stuff going on. Great! Right?


The more I looked into it, the less excited I got.  On youtube it leads to mostly videos of fireworks. On that podcast it led to a mix of grays, bigfoot, and reptilians.  And on google you get links to orbs stalking homes, whatever that means, with intent to abduct. Oh, and lets not forget the theory that some of the orbs are ghosts!

In reality, we have fireworks, lens glare or flares, dust bunnies, headlights, and people turning lights on and off in an adjacent room.  A lot of hype, but no interesting or really unexplainable events.

An out of focus dust particle
An out of focus dust particle

But wait!

I had forgotten about one thing, the extremely loud bangs that could be heard miles away.  It was usually described by witnesses as “louder than anything they have heard before, and definitely not fireworks.”  Ok, now I was on to something, right? This must be it, if I can find more events like this, then surely I have a hit! It took exactly 4 seconds for disappointment to set in again when I found the perfectly logical, and anti-climactic explanation.

It's called ball lightning...

Interesting read? There's more where that came from!

Loud bang!  Hot dang!

bright light, and aliens, and portals, and bigfoot! Oh my! Only, it’s never true and always ends with a disappointment if you go deep enough in the subject.

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