Aliens and Conspiracies


As I get older, I start to notice an urge that becomes more and more prevalent as years go by. I want to, no, I need to communicate the things that I learned in my life to younger generations.

I thought of writing a book, but kids don't read books anymore. So, then I considered a movie, but that wouldn't fit all the wisdom I wanted to convey. A series consisting of 8 seasons, each season having 20 parts, and each part lasting 1 hour. That's it! Only… I don't have the financial means to realize that.

Alright, hang on. Why am I making this so complicated? Just write a blog! That would be ideal. Except that a blog isn't as effective as it should be. Everyone is on social media, and the only time someone visits a privately owned website, is when it's linked to from a social platform. Plus, Europe is about to make that impossible too. Besides, you know who has blogs bookmarked? The guys who write them. So, maybe not a blog.

Ok, I got it, I'll just make a game. I'll start small and expand it as it grows bigger. That way I can hire more people to help create the content. I'll make the first level about childhood, teaching kids to respect their parents and family. I'll make them see that life isn't just about playing, but that enriching yourself by learning is just as important.

Then, in level two, I could teach them about puberty, that first crush, the importance of friends, and how building some good relations with certain people can greatly affect your success in later life.

I'd later address other big life events, such as buying and maintaining a house, choosing a good job, marriage, children… all of that. Even financial advice is something that I would include.

I'd also include some quests to make them aware of mistakes my generations made and issues we are dealing with. I'd tell them not to just blindly believe everything people claim without doing thorough fact checking first. Not even from reputable sources like news outlets.

One thing I should certainly include is our energy crisis and the environment, but if we do manage to solve this and we can get past it, then we're extremely unlikely to repeat that exact mistake. So it can't be about fossil fuels. If I break it down to the basics and make that quest about greed and the fact that there are always consequences to our actions, then it suddenly becomes applicable to a much wider range of topics.

Writing about life in a quiet, dimly lit space
Writing in a quiet, dimly lit space

Ok, I'm onto something now. I can handle almost all major issues the world is dealing with today if I just generalize enough. For instance, I could probably tell them about terrorism by making a few quests involving wrath and jealousy. The game could warn them about malevolent leaders and dictators by putting them in a scenario about a corrupt boss who ruins their place of employment by getting involved in organized crime. It could teach them the dangers of putting their faith in people who promise them more than what can realistically be expected. Such as pseudo scientists promising us eternal life by backing ourselves up into the cloud, or unrealistic advancements in medicine. But I'd need to dress that up a little, charlatans today, won't be selling them the same bullshit 200 years from now.

And to make the game interesting and fun to play, I'd make them into superheroes. Maybe some kind of character akin to Doctor Strange, or Iron Man. It couldn't be the exact same, of course, I'd have to more or less make up a new one. But I'm sure I could pull off stealing a few characteristics from some of the most interesting heroes.

The only thing I'd really struggle with in terms of finding good analogies for, would be catastrophes. I mean, how do you present the basics of a tsunami? Or a nuclear power plant that melts down? The best thing to do in these cases would be to just present them with that particular event and have them solve it. If enough children of a certain generation play the game, then they'll collectively know what to do in case those disasters happened again. I could make them evacuate a city if there's a nuclear threat an imminent meteoric impact. What about gathering up ships and boats to save people who fell victim to a catastrophic flooding. The game could even show them that starting a revolution or creating chaos is perfectly fine if a majority of people consider the powers that be to be out of line.

Eventually the game could deal with the issue of death. As people age, death becomes more familiar to them and starts taking up a significant role in their lives. So it can't be a bad thing to introduce kids to it early on. They'll have to deal with it sooner or later. How about having them experience an artist's representation of what it would be like to be part of the universe again? We are all made of stars, so I guess that in the end we'll return to the stars.

Man, I'm completely psyched about this idea! I'm going to create a cryptocurrency to fund it, I'm going to start hiring the best coders and designers there are. And… hang on. I hope people don't start loving the game so much that they start believing it's based on facts. Well, some of it is, but what if they can't differentiate fact from fiction. What if they start idolising or even worshipping their characters because they think they actually lived a long time ago. What if the player who prefer a Thor-like hero start to hate the players who prefer a Hulk-like one? That could have disastrous consequences. It could even start wars and genocides! Just ignore all that, I'm not making that evil game, not ever!

And that's when you realise that it's not an original idea… it's called religion.

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